Name: Gremmosh
Race: Orc
Gender: Male
Class: Hunter
Profession: Marksman, Engineer
Rank: Grunt
Title: Grunt

Born shortly before the First War, Gremmosh grew up far within the front line in Stonard. His father, a respected marksman in his own right fought on the front lines with their clan, the Bleeding Hollow. Seeking blood from an early age, Gremmosh was eager to join his father in battle, but was prevented from doing so due to his young age.

After the Fall of Stormwind, Gremmosh was just barely old enough to join the war machine, and eagerly joined his clansmen in the fight. Marching with the Bleeding Hollow, Gremmosh took part in many of the major battles leading up to Khaz Modan, where his clan stayed to maintain the oil and mining operations, as well as attempt to siege Ironforge. The tenacity of the dwarves, and the inability of the Bleeding Hollow to make their way into the city led Gremmosh to gather a great deal of respect for the diminutive warriors.

As the Horde lost the Second War, Kilrogg Deadeye’s leadership skills allowed the clan to evade capture, and after two years brought the orcs back through the Dark Portal to Draenor. As the humans lead a counter-attack, Kilrogg was killed by Danath Trollbane in honorable combat. Now under the united leadership of Ner’zhul, as the warlock’s ambitious projects began to tear Draenor apart the Bleeding Hollow (along with the Warsong and Shattered Hand clans) made a break for the Alliance lines through the Dark Portal, just before the Archmage Khadgar closed it. Unfortunately, the Bleeding Hollow was captured this time, and the orcs were thrown in internment camps.

The orcs of the Bleeding Hollow would remain enslaved until the future Warchief Thrall would set them free, and lead them westward to the land of Kalimdor. Orcs of the Bleeding Hollow clan would help the self-proclaimed Warchief found the new Horde nation of Durotar, finding allies such as the Darkspear jungle trolls and the Bloodhoof tauren.

With the opening of the Dark Portal once again, Gremmosh made his way to the unshattered homeland of his people, Draenor. Upon meeting the Frostwolves, Gremmosh was made one of the co-leaders of a forward base in Frostfire Ridge. Recruiting both Horde soldiers and Draenor natives, Gremmosh was one of many who led the charge against the Iron Horde.

While in command of “Gremmosh Garrison,” Gremmosh was quite fond of sacrificing prisoners-of-war to Borrok the Devourer.
Eventually Gremmosh found himself allying with the Laughing Skull clan, who were fighting for their lives against the forces of both the Iron Horde and the native life of Draenor. In time Gremmosh would reach a point where the some of the Laughing Skull orcs wished to wear his skull upon his own death, a great honor among their clan.

Alas, Gremmosh again found himself in his element, fighting against the Alliance in Ashran. The battles reminded him a great deal of the war in Alterac Valley long ago, and he quickly made a name for himself, being entrusted with safekeeping the Ancient Artifact whenever it was rediscovered.
It was later on in the Invasion of Draenor that Gremmosh found himself desiring a new clan. Seeking out only the best and most bloodthirtsy, Gremmosh found the reformed Blacktooth Grin, a clan whose warmongering he had heard legends about. Meeting the noble Lorekeeper Felora, Gremmosh was introduced and quickly inducted into the Grin. A year later, he punched out one of his teeth as it tradition, and became a Grunt of the Blacktooth Grin.