Blacktooth Grin Lore

The Blacktooth Grin has existed in some form since 2006, and in that time has managed to inspire its members to write several hundred thousand words in character stories and collaborative roleplay, including RP-PvP campaigns lasting months at a time.

For those interested in the collected history of the Blacktooth Grin, look no further; here you will find a chronological repository of Grin lore, including stories written by members, campaign stories written by multiple people, profiles of lore characters, and more.

Guild History

A basic history of the Blacktooth Grin can be found on the guild’s WoWwiki page.

RP-PvP Campaigns

Between 2007 – 2008, the Grin organized two massive RP-PvP campaigns that lasted several weeks each and involved multiple guilds on The Venture Co., as well as an ongoing storyline posted on the realm forums. Transcripts of those storylines have been lightly edited for clarity and can be found below.

Shadows Over Khaz Modan – In an effort to expand their territory and return Azeroth to all out war, the Grin attacked the dwarves in the Eastern Kingdoms in a series of battles which culminated on an assault on Ironforge.

The Fall of Legends – The Grin goes on another bloody rampage – this time through the Dark Portal and into Outland. In the final battles, old legends die and new ones are born.

Character Stories

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