Rules & Expectations

It should be noted that nearly all of these policies are flexible, and can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis if there are unique circumstances.

Roleplaying Policies

The Blacktooth Grin is just as much of a roleplaying guild as it is a PvP guild. In order to maintain an RP environment that everyone can enjoy, we ask the following:

Honorable Names – Give your character a proper name which fits with his or her race and/or character.

No Godmodding – Don’t put words or actions into another character’s mouth. This is a very general RP rule; only RP what your own character attempts to do and let others respond to those actions. When in doubt, ask another participating player if they are okay with what you would like to do.

Code of Honor & Prohibited Activities

No Spitting – Spitting on any player (regardless of faction) or NPC is strictly prohibited. Spitting on the ground is acceptable when used as an in-character action in an appropriate context.

No Camping – Camping an enemy player is prohibited unless one of the following exceptions is met:
· The enemy player is within the walls of a Horde city or encampment.
· The enemy player is disrupting a Grin event and makes no attempt to escape after resurrection.
· You are retaliating via “an eye for an eye” for a recent camping from that player.

Stay In-Character – Members are expected to be as in-character as possible while performing their normal game activities. More specifically, players should be in-character at all times when typing in /s, /y, and /g chat.

Defend Grin Territory – Members should be aware of which territories throughout the world that our guild claims rights to and be prepared to defend them from Alliance assault. Keep an eye on World Defense and respond accordingly. We can talk about being based in Stonard all we want, but it doesn’t mean a damn thing if we can’t back it up with a show of force.

Show Grin Discipline in Public – Members should always represent the clan in a positive light, understanding that any rudeness, trolling, slanderous remarks, or questionable actions will reflect poorly on the clan as well.

No Trolling the Realm Forums – This goes hand-in-hand with the previous rule. When you wear our tabard, you are representing us to the public. There is no reason to either start or encourage trolling on a public forum. This includes responding to posts that are obvious trolling attempts.

Don’t Abuse the War Cry – Using our war cry is a privilege, not a right. As a rule of thumb, the war cry is used after a large (generally victorious) world PvP action. When in doubt, wait until it is used by the raid leader before you follow suit. There is no reason to be yelling “FEAR THE GRIN” after ganking lowbies or being wiped by another group.

No Opposite Faction Accounts – Since RP-PvP realms limit character creation to one faction, we do not recruit players who have Alliance characters on Grobbulus (US), including those with multiple accounts.


Using Discord – Communication is much more efficient, particularly in a world PvP raid, when we don’t have to stop to type everything. Even if you don’t have a microphone or the ability to talk to us, listening is important to follow directives given by a raid leader. The URL for the Discord channel can be found in the Guild Information tab in-game.

Chat Channels

General Chat – Overall, be respectful to other players. When you wear the teeth, you speak with the clan’s voice. As mentioned above, represent the clan in a positive manner. Harassment of other players will not be tolerated.

Officer Chat – Officer chat is currently used as the Grin’s in-character (IC) channel. Please keep the guild’s roleplaying policies in mind when interacting with others in /o.

Guild Chat – Guild chat is considered out-of-character (OOC). Use the same guidelines for interacting with fellow guild members as you would for any other players. Many of us have friends and family in the Grin, and we ask that members try to keep real-life situations outside of the guild when possible.

World Defense – All guild members should be prepared to keep an eye on the WorldDefense channel and respond to threats to Grin territory (see Code of Honor & Prohibited Activities) as well as being proactive in assisting our allies.


After two months of inactivity, grots will be removed from the roster (unless there are extenuating circumstances noted – let an officer know). If you come back to WoW and want to rejoin the Grin, just send us a message and we’ll make sure you end up wearing the teeth again. This policy just keeps our roster from becoming too bloated with inactive people.