Blood and thunder, friends.

We are the Blacktooth Grin. We are those who continue the fight our ancestors started, our fathers and mothers continued, and the Peacechief Thrall abandoned. We are warriors, destined for greatness, and determined to shape these lands to our benefit. We are the bane of all those who would seek to prey upon the Horde.

If you would rather remain safely behind stout walls, mindlessly fighting for an honorless leader while the Alliance ravages our towns and villages…if in your heart you desire treasure, instead of blood…then we are not for you.

But if you feel as we feel, and wish to find honor on the battlefield, as we do…then the Grin has a home for you. Join us, and bring brutal vengeance upon the deserving. Become merciless wrath upon your enemies. Find your glory and your honor with blood and steel.

Our war is just beginning. Join us, and ensure that the Blacktooth Grin is the last smile our enemies will ever see.

Fear the Grin!

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A Battle to Come

Azeroth has prevailed where none have before. The Legion lies crippled at our feet, their burning crusade halted in it’s tracks. Long ago the Legion enslaved us orcs. We took our freedom, and paid it back ten-thousand fold. The orcs are free of their slavers, and Azeroth is free of it’s eternal enemy.

Now we can focus on threats closer to home…

Forward Momentum

Vosgonar pulled his reins, slowing his worg as he approached what had been known as the Illidari Stand. Sylvannas had placed the Blacktooth Grin there to provide backup for the Illidari forces, as their tenuous contract with the Horde allowed. Many had grumbled at this, though a number of Demon Hunters had pledged themselves to the Grin’s overall cause. Ultimately, the Grin had to make a move; being forced to fight alongside wary allies and outright enemies has never been the style of the clan, but doing anything about that in the open would be disastrous for everybody involved.


Are you tired of our Peacechief’s methods? Have you realized that the only true path to freedom for the Horde is through fallen Alliance? Do you think you are ready to be a member of the Grin?

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