Come join us for one of our events! Whether it’s RP, PvP or often both, there’s a number of ways to get involved with the Blacktooth Grin!

Check out the calendar for specific dates!

Clan Meeting

On this day we induct new clan members, go over the story thus-far, and usually conclude with a raid on an Alliance town.

Jak’thra Ritual

The Jak’thra Ritual is an internal PvP event. Watch as clanmate goes against clanmate, to see who will be the best of the Blacktooth Grin and claim the coveted title of “Raider!”

  • Hosted by: To be determined.
  • Location: To be determined.
  • Recurrence: Annually

Hunting Trip

Once a year the Blacktooth Grin embarks on a hunting trip. Come join us as we brave the wilderness and acquire materials for the clan! Much time will be spent hiking, hunting, drinking and socializing!

  • Hosted by: Gremmosh (Emerald Dream)
  • Location: Varies.
  • Duration: One RP Weekend (Event will be spread across three separate real-time days that will equate to three consecutive days as far as the story is concerned)
  • Recurrence: Annually