A Battle to Come

Azeroth has prevailed where none have before. The Legion lies crippled at our feet, the burning crusade halted in it’s tracks. Long ago the Legion enslaved us orcs. We took our freedom, and paid it back ten-thousand fold. The orcs are free of their slavers, and Azeroth is free of it’s eternal enemy.

Now we can focus on threats closer to home. Throughout the war on the Broken Shore, the Alliance has hounded us and stifled our progress through every forest, every mountain, every city. As we aided our future allies, the Nightborne in their home city, Alliance soldiers showed complete disregard to the plight of these slaves to the Legion and routinely attacked us, much as they always have to us. As we took the final battle to Argus itself, Alliance soldiers disregarded the words of their “prophet” and continued to fight us across the demon scarred landscape.

The time is coming. The Alliance will not rest until the Horde has been destroyed. They would rather fight against demons AND the Horde than agree to armistice. As we return home, so too must the battle return to Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. We will push the Alliance out of Kalimdor. It may have once belonged to the elves; now it belongs to the Horde. We will march from the bastion of the Banshee-Queen, Lordaeron City, and raze the Eastern Kingdoms, following a reverse path to our ancestors. As Stromgarde lies in ruins, so too will Ironforge and Stormwind. With the fires of the Alliance capitals burning behind us, we will return to the Dark Portal. And we will set it ablaze, closing the gateway of the Legion.

Prepare yourselves, brothers and sisters of the Horde. Everything we learned on the Broken Shore must now come to bear. Grab your axes and shields, your tomes and your wands. The fight against the Alliance begins soon. Speak to your elders; learn the legends and failures of the First and Second Wars. We will need the wisdom of the past to claim victory today.

And victory shall be ours. FEAR THE GRIN!!!

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