Forward Momentum

Vosgonar pulled his reins, slowing his worg as he approached what had been known as the Illidari Stand. Sylvannas had placed the Blacktooth Grin there to provide backup for the Illidari forces, as their tenuous contract with the Horde allowed. Many had grumbled at this, though a number of Demon Hunters had pledged themselves to the Grin’s overall cause. Ultimately, the Grin had to make a move; being forced to fight alongside wary allies and outright enemies has never been the style of the clan, but doing anything about that in the open would be disastrous for everybody involved.

The Blacktooth Grin in 2016

Gather round, grots and grunts, it’s time for a tale of the Blacktooth Grin. What began as a crazy desire from Gorfrunch (the original Smashblade) for an old school orcish clan for role play and PVP has become the stuff of server legends. I mean, you don’t strike fear into the hearts of the Alliance at the sound of THOK MOG THOK! for doing nothing.